Automatic induction faucet classification

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1. Infrared sensing faucets: Infrared automatic sensing faucets are divided into integrated automatic sensing faucets and split automatic sensing faucets. The main difference is that the control part of the integrated automatic induction faucet is all concentrated in a faucet body, and there is no need to install a split control box. The integrated type can also be divided into single cooling type and cold and hot water type. The former is only cold water. The latter is the mixing of hot and cold water, and there is no need to install a hot and cold water mixing valve like a split induction faucet. Just connect cold water and hot water directly, and use the hot and cold temperature regulating valve on the faucet body to adjust the water temperature. The relative advantages are small size, powerful function and convenient installation.

2. Touch-type automatic sensing faucet: Only the human body gently touches the faucet body to achieve the effect of automatically sensing water, and the product does not need to install an induction electric eye. The technology of close touch chip is adopted. At present, this product is mainly used for bowl and basin cleaning appliances.

3. In addition, there are light-controlled automatic induction technology, human body induction technology and so on.

4. The product has different functions according to the place of use. The ordinary induction faucet is that the hand comes out of the water and stops after the hand leaves. Medical and kitchen induction faucets use secondary induction technology, which means that the water should be discharged once by hand, and then the water can be stopped by hand induction again. Satisfies the shortcoming that a large amount of water is needed at one time without people's hands waiting all the time.

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